An exclusive conversation with Restaurant India! Thank you Joyshree Saha


Black Sheep Bistro owner, Prahlad Sukhtankar has an exclusive conversation with Joyshree Saha from Restaurant India.

The conversation revolves around Black Sheep Bistro’s contemporary food styles that encourage the kitchen team to be innovative and  leave their mark on the dishes they create. He also describes their modern/social concept for their decor, which incorporate elements of earthy, warm tones with modern steel and metal fabrications.

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Black Sheep Bistro is excited to have been featured among the 10 best restaurants you must visit in Goa!

skyscanner feature

Black Sheep Bistro is excited to have been featured among the 10 best restaurants you must visit in Goa. Thank you Skyscanner!

The article has described BSB’s contemporary cuisine and ambiance as one that has been gaining fast paced popularity. BSB’s ambiance has been termed as an unbeatable one with a chilled out vibe. Our sangria and handcrafted cocktails have been highly recommended as well!

Black Sheep Bistro is proud to be featured as ‘The Unique One’ in Better Interiors magazine!

better int

Black Sheep Bistro is proud to be featured as ‘The Unique One’ in Better Interiors magazine!

The article gives us a peak into the birth of the concept of Black Sheep Bistro while describing its unique interiors. Prahlad Sukhtankar who considers himself the ‘black sheep’ of his family being the only person from a family of architects to have ventured into the hospitality industry started Black Sheep Bistro with his wife Sabreen after their return from Vancouver after 14 long years.

The article describes Black Sheep Bistro as a modern and minimal bistro with an ambiance that puts one at ease and makes one feel comfortable. The article divides Black Sheep Bistro’s interiors into 4 identifiable sections; the long wooden bar area, the lounge, the red room with a glass window that gives the guests a peak into the kitchen and the outdoor patio. Black Sheep Bistro’s décor makes it a perfect place for long conversations and globally inspired food!

Black Sheep Bistro featured in Herald Cafe’s Art of Eating!

BSB _Herald articleBlack Sheep Bistro is proud to be featured in Herald cafe’s art of eating segment!

The rising trend of cocktails has now made even its preparation an art to watch! The article is a take on Black Sheep Bistro’s “handcrafted beverages” which are made only from fresh ingredients such as herbs, fruits and spices. The article also mentions our new cocktails ‘lemon meringue’ and ‘Amante Bicante’ along with a few of our most sought-after cocktails. Come on and try one!


Black Sheep Bistro featured on Nat Geo Traveller India

Black Sheep Bistro is honored to be featured on Nat Geo Traveller India, thanks to Vivek Menezes.

This article is an insiders guide to Panjim’s old charms & new stars where Black Sheep Bistro features as the culinary highlight of Panjim! Black Sheep Bistro is described as a thrilling new restaurant which not only manages to keep its regulars happy but also gives tourists from all over the world a wide menu to chose from.

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Black Sheep Bistro featured on Conde Nast Traveller India as one of ‘Goa’s 50 Best Meals’


We are utterly thrilled to have been featured on Conde Nast Traveller India as one of Goa’s 50 Best Meals!

A snippet from the article reads that our bistro-style pork poutine with fried egg, French Fries, slow-braised pulled pork and mozzarella were “not to be missed”, as well as our Hanan-style paneer rice!


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Goa Timeline features Black Sheep Bistro

We are thrilled to have had our interiors featured in Timeline Goa! An excerpt from the article describes our interiors as follows;

“…..The Black Sheep Bistro seamlessly blends the classic with the contemporary in a way that feels unique to Goa. The design has a universal appeal as many of the well-traveled guests at the BSB, as its colloquially called, also relate the design to restaurants they have visited in New York City’s trendy East Village neighborhood.

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The Black Sheep Bistro is “A Must For Your Goa Food Bucket List” – Foodienfabulous

12240077_1680817938798165_9152761534381379373_nAbu-Dhabi based and well traveled food blogger Foodienfabulus had recently visited our premises, and had given a wonderful review of our menu! Below is an excerpt of the review;

“The Black Sheep Bistro is easily now one of my favorite places in Goa and one I highly recommend to anyone visiting – Sangrias with a touch of cinnamon, squid and prawn plancha with chili garlic & poha crusted chicken laddoos, tambdi bhaji mashedpotato and housemade mascarpone with port wine figs- innovative menu, seriously delish and a passionate team behind it. A must for your Goa food bucket list!”

BSB Featured in Conde Nast Traveller as one of ‘7 Different Dinners In Goa’

BSB-DianaWithOnionRelishThe Black Sheep Bistro team is ‪honoured to be listed alongside 6 other restaurants in Goa with an interesting dining experience, published by well known and respected travel writer Revati Upadhya.

We were mentioned as having a “globally inspired but locally produced” philosophy; as such, we were described as going the extra mile in sourcing ingredients, so as to support the local agriculture, fisheries and economy. The article further goes on to position BSB as a must-try for experiencing a global cuisine laced with rich, local earthy produce, along with an “eclectic cocktail menu.”

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