The Black Sheep Bistro travels the world to bring their guests an innovative, "globally inspired" menu enhanced only with local ingredients because The BSB, as we call it, is proud to support a "Farm to Table" philosophy.

"Sourcing local ingredients empowers our guests to support local farmers and helps us work towards increased sustainability of our rivers, seas and farmlands" says a passionate Managing Partner, Prahlad Sukhtankar. 

"We try and source our produce, including seafood within 100 miles from the restaurant. It is healthier, fresher and a much better option than imported fish or vegetables, that have had to travel several days to get to your plate. Our seasonal menu at BSB ensures guests only get the freshest produce all year round. And that, is essentially the "Farm to Table" philosophy" adds Prahlad, making it clear that The Black Sheep Bistro is serious about its committment to locally sourced seasonal produce.

BSB is obssesive about its hand crafted cocktails. It also offers its patrons a thoughtfully engineered and focussed winelist highlighting varietal and regional character. All wines and beverages featured on the menu have been personally selected by their Sommelier Prahlad Sukhtankar, who is certified by the International Sommelier Guild and is on hand to guide guests towards the perfect pairings for their meal.